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Caramel Colour Amber Necklace with


Jewellery Bag


Object name: Caramel colour Amber Necklace

Weight: 4.5 g (excl. packaging)

Amber beads size: 4-5 mm (approx.)

Amber beads: Rounded, polished.

Amber colour: Caramel, transparent, shiny.

Length: 32 cm (approx.)

Description: This is a wonderful Baby Amber Necklace, known as Baby Amber Teething Necklace. Each amber bead is polished and rounded. The necklace has been made in a unique way. For safety individual knots attach every single stone in both sides, so that even in the extremely unlikely event of the string being torn, not a single bead is lost and there is no risk of choking. The necklace closes and opens by matching, not allergic, screw lock. It is 100% hand-made.
Baby amber teething necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing. Amber exhibits pain-relieving qualities when worn on the skin.
It is believed that Amber has positive energy and for ages Amber is used to reduce throat inflammation, ear and stomach pain, infections and respiratory diseases.

Please note: safety standards in the UK have advised that Amber teething necklaces are not recommended for use in children under 36 months of age as the necklace poses a potential choking hazard if swallowed whole.

We also recommend supervision at all times during use. Remove for all unsupervised sleeps, and when not in use please keep out of reach and sight of children.

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